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Shine Styler
Styling Gel

The Shine Styler gives hair glamorous volume, noble shine and hold. The high quality texture with provitamin B5 is suitable for all hair types. Whether for the sleek look, curly tousled or the smooth look, the styling gel gives a strong, long-lasting hold. The Shine Styler also maintains and protects against the harmful effects of UV rays without sticking or looking greasy.
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  • for modeling and shaping
  • subtle shine and volume
  • gives long-lasting, strong hold
  • without causing sticky hair
  • can be brushed out easily
  • ingredients: provitamin B5
  • sulphatefree
  • without parabene
  • without SLS
  • vegan


In dry hair; Rub two pump strokes in the palm of the hand and work into the hair as desired. Then blow-dry the hair briefly for an optimal result.


For more volume and a stronger hold; In wet or damp hair. Rub 1-2 pump strokes in the palms of your hands and shaping and modeling as desired. Then blow-dry the hair briefly for an optimal result.

Provitamin B5

This vitamin is popular to improve the moisture content of hair and acts anti-inflammatory. Provitamin B5 can offer numerous positive effects in hair care products, such as protecting the hair against split ends. Furthermore it gives shine and smoothness.




Treasures from nature

Due to their caring properties, treasures from nature are used for our collection. We have taken advantage of this gift from nature in order to care for and make healthy, luxurious hair shine.

Manufacturing process

Precious ingredients are incorporated as part of a gentle processing method and stand for the natural luxury of the products. But selecting the right techniques in order to fully exploit the potentials of the active ingredients is essential and no easy undertaking for our product experts.

Mild and careful extraction

Thanks to gentle and unique manufacturing procedures the potential of carefully selected plants, herbs and seeds are sensibly guaranteed and ensured.