Louis Philipp Private Haircare-s

Cream Gel

Texturizing Gel Cream with mid hold and subtle brilliance and nutritional qualities. Is specially suited for definition and texturing of trendy styles. The creamy and velvety texture is easely to apply. Ingredientes as Macadamia Oil and hydrolised Keratin care and nurture the hair structure.


  • texturizes short to mid-long hair
  • for definition of mid-long and curly hair
  • mid hold
  • ingredients: macadamia oil extracts
  • sulphatefree
  • without parabene
  • without SLS
  • vegan




Rub a hazelnut-size amount of Flexible Cream Gel between hands and work through wet hair for hold or in dry hair for a flexible hold.


Easy to combine with for example "Strong Texture Wax". With this combination a more flexible strength of the hair style will be obtained. Very well applicable with short to mid long hair.

Macadamia Oil-Extract

Macadamia oil contains a high content of omega 7. The oil is also filled with omega 9, antioxidants and vitamin e, which improves hair strength, renews damage and restores shine and softness to dry, brittle hair while reducing frizz.




Treasures from nature

Due to their caring properties, treasures from nature are used for our collection. We have taken advantage of this gift from nature in order to care for and make healthy, luxurious hair shine.

Manufacturing process

Precious ingredients are incorporated as part of a gentle processing method and stand for the natural luxury of the products. But selecting the right techniques in order to fully exploit the potentials of the active ingredients is essential and no easy undertaking for our product experts.

Mild and careful extraction

Thanks to gentle and unique manufacturing procedures the potential of carefully selected plants, herbs and seeds are sensibly guaranteed and ensured.