Louis Philipp Private Haircare-s

Visible Reconstruct

Weightless, regenerative hair treatment for thin up to normal hair types. Seventy highly effective keratin proteins and five different types of collagen nourish the hair, provide it with strength and smoothness. Intensively based treatment for particularly sensitive, feeble or damaged hair. The nourishing formula noticeably strengthens the hair and visibly smoother. Hydrolyzed corn and wheat protein give the hair volume and power. The hair structure is strengthened. Ingredients such as algae extract and soy proteins support the natural moisture balance in the hair and provide shine and a healthy hair feel.


  • for all hair types
  • for structural damaged hair
  • weekly use
  • gives volume and strength
  • integrated conditioner
  • ingredients: soy beans extracts
  • sulphatefree
  • without parabene
  • without SLS


Using a wide-toothed comb, work into the washed, damp hair from the roots to the tips. The exposure time depends on the hair type, fine hair: 7 minutes, normal hair: 14 minutes, thick hair: 21 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. Use at least once a week.

Soy Beans-Extract

The soy proteins are extracted from the soy bean and consist of 20 percent natural oil and 17 different types of proteins. They are a proven supplier for unsaturated fatty acids what makes them extremely popular in hair cosmetics. Soy proteins regenerate the hair from deep down, moisture and provide it with strength.




Treasures from nature

Due to their caring properties, treasures from nature are used for our collection. We have taken advantage of this gift from nature in order to care for and make healthy, luxurious hair shine.

Manufacturing process

Precious ingredients are incorporated as part of a gentle processing method and stand for the natural luxury of the products. But selecting the right techniques in order to fully exploit the potentials of the active ingredients is essential and no easy undertaking for our product experts.

Mild and careful extraction

Thanks to gentle and unique manufacturing procedures the potential of carefully selected plants, herbs and seeds are sensibly guaranteed and ensured.