Louis Philipp Private Haircare-s

Active Clarifying

An intensive deep cleansing shampoo that frees hair and scalp from styling residues, sebum and chlorine. It prevents too fast greasing and gives the hair more dynamic, grip and manageability. The grape seed oil cleanses, refreshes, moisturizes and gives volume. Selected oils such as hazelnut, walnut and cranberry kernels provide a shiny hair surface. Suppleness and new vitality are the result. Shampoo for deep and gentle cleansing. Grape seed extracts cleanse hair and scalp deep down and get rid of styling build-up.


  • deep cleaning at pH neutral
  • for daily use
  • gives grip, ideal for volume support
  • ingredients: grape seed oil
  • without parabene
  • vegan


Massage a hazelnut-sized quantity into hair with circular movements, lather and rinse thoroughly. If necessary, repeat the process.


For furher care use the "Visible Reconstruct Treatment".

Grape Seed-Extract

Grape seed extract cleanses the hair and scalp, refreshes, moisturises and gives volume from the root to the length of the hair.




Treasures from nature

Due to their caring properties, treasures from nature are used for our collection. We have taken advantage of this gift from nature in order to care for and make healthy, luxurious hair shine.

Manufacturing process

Precious ingredients are incorporated as part of a gentle processing method and stand for the natural luxury of the products. But selecting the right techniques in order to fully exploit the potentials of the active ingredients is essential and no easy undertaking for our product experts.

Mild and careful extraction

Thanks to gentle and unique manufacturing procedures the potential of carefully selected plants, herbs and seeds are sensibly guaranteed and ensured.