Louis Philipp Private Haircare-s

The power
of nature

The most subtle adjustments are precisely the ones allowing to create a professional collection out of the ordinary. This perfect synergy is immediately visible and perceptible. The result? Beautiful, shiny, healthy (looking) and soft hair.

Treasures of nature

  • Extracts of rosemary
  • Extracts of the aloe vera plant
  • Marula fruit extracts
  • Macadamia Oil
  • Carnauba palm extracts


The perfect

Precious ingredients are incorporated as part of a gentle processing method and stand for the natural luxury of the collection and the love for details in the selection and design of packaging. An exclusively variety of products has been developed to exceed the high demands of healthy and spectacular hair.


Walnut Oil

Walnut oil consists of 73 % linoleic acid and is part of the group of active substance oils with the highest percentage of this acid. It has a cell generating and activating effect. Walnut oil is a natural source of omega 3 fatty acids. A lightweight oil with moisturising properties. it enchants the hair with a light reflecting shine. Walnut oil supports cleansing sebum and deposits from the scalp.


Hazelnut Oil

Hazelnut oil consists of oleic acid. Oils with a high acid content absorb well after a time. This guarantees that the caring properties are able to completely take effect both on the inside and on the surface of the hair. Hazelnut oil is rich in minerals and vitamin e and is absorbed easily by the hair without weighing down the hair. The especially mild, astringent properties of the oil help to regulate sebum secretion. The moisturising properties stop the hair from drying out


Cranberry seed Oil

Cranberry seed oil is an oil with a high tocotrienol content. Tocotrienol is an effective free radical scavenger and excels through being excellently absorbed by the skin and hair. Cranberry seed oil has a unique balance of omega-3-&-6-fatty acids. Cranberry seed oil is absorbed very easily by the hair. It adds moisture and is especially suitable for dry, irritated scalps. The strong antioxidant properties help to support the effectiveness of hazelnut and walnut oil when used together. Cranberry seed oil has excellent moisturising properties.


Tri-Compose Shield Complex

The Tri-Compose Shield Complex mostly builds the basis of the collection. The products marked with the «complex-symbol» are enriched with this special careand protect-benefit. The combination of essential botanical oils: hazelnut, walnut and cranberry seed oil protect and care for the hair. In the professional hair cosmetics industry, the caring properties of hazelnuts are particularly valued.


Manufacturing Processes

The right manufacturing techniques are essential in order to fully exploit the potential of the active ingredients. The following two principles were applied.


All products are manufactured without animal testing.

Low temperatures

Temperatures must always be kept as low as possible. We therefore go for cold pressing which ensures that the temperature is the same in all areas and is kept constant and ensure the excellency of the high quality of the ingredients.

Low additional ingredients

The required quantity of additional ingredients is to be kept as low as possible. To separate ingredients, we use centrifuges instead of filtration, which requires additional solvents. This allow the use of tensides to be considerably reduced.


The gentle extraction

To obtain the extracts from plants, herbs and flowers, different methods are employed depending on the type of raw material. In order to achieve as high quality as possible, the extraction must be done as carefully as possible.

verarbeitung EN_28.02.20.png


This method requires a great deal of experience, as each plant requires its own distillation time and temperature. The quality of the ingredients obtained through the water vapour depends on the degree of heating. When distilling, a great deal of sensitivity is required, as rising temperatures increase the yield but make the quality suffer greatly. Using hot steam, the extracts, such as oil from plants, are dissolved. The steam absorbs the dissolved extracts and is drawn and cooled, which returns to its liquid form.


This very old method of extracting expensive flower essences or precious oils is barely affordable nowadays and is therefore practised very infrequently. Over a period of 12 weeks, plant or flowers are spread over and pressed on fat-coated wood or glass plates every day. The fat absorbs the valuable essences. This lengthy process only ends once the fat has been completely saturated with the fragrance. The pomade is then washed out using alcohol. This gives pure flower oil, essence absolue d’enfleurage.

Cold pressing

Cold and gentle pressed oils are extremely rich on natural substances. That’s why this method is very elaborate and the extraction takes place at very low temperatures of under 40 degrees. Before pressing, any pulp or peel must be removed. The remaining cores are then dried. Only then can they be pressed under slow and careful pressure in screw presses. The oil that escapes is filtered or centrifuged.